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Providing flexible Maths tuition programmes tailored to the needs of the individual student in online one-to-one, online small groups and online maths sessions.

Mrs Alozie


"What I found out with KeyMaths is that its not only mathematics it prepares the children, it helps the children discover their potentials, to discover who they are and what they are able to do and what they are able to achieve.

I'm advising other parents involving KeyMaths register your child today and you will be happy you did, help your child discover their potential 

in both mathematics and other subjects because the tutors in KeyMaths, like for example Mr Odetola, he's not only a maths tutor, he's a coach, a life coach, who helps the children inspire them to discover their strengths

KeyMaths provides quality maths tuition service for school students from years 6 to years 13

KeyMaths provides result-oriented maths tutoring sessions for adult maths learners 

KeyMaths provides result-oriented maths tutoring sessions for adult maths learners

We provide unique maths tutoring sessions to help boost confidence of our students and enable them perform well and with confidence in their maths examinations

Our Approach

Dedicated maths tutoring for students on a one-to-one basis. This service will suit students who have fallen behind with their maths studies and now require additional and targeted support

One to One Maths

Dedicated maths tutoring for students who would benefit from peer-to-peer interaction and healthy competition with consistent support and feedback to boost their confidence and make the necessary progress

Small Group Tuition

Dedicated maths tutoring for confident students who are happy to share their learning experiences with other students. We facilitate a conducive learning environment for students to strive and achieve their full potential

Online Classes

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